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10/14/2011 01:13 PM

Examples of Custom RV Slide Out installation

Film Production Coach           Class "C" Motor home

Film Production Coach
Slide Out #1,    Smaller slide, we first installed for this company
Slide Out #2,    This Slide Out has an Extra large walk around cabin with  6'1" inside cabin height.
Project    #3,    After Slide Out installation, Client wanted interior updated.
Unique Frame System       Slide or drive does not touch the floor

Due to the patent pending process and proprietary law.. 
All designs and engineering points are not visible.

Most Recent Images on Top ....

Movie Production Coach

Slide out unit installed and interior of coach remodeled

Completed and delivered.

Still a little dirty from the installation


After stripped down

Remodel Coach
6-16-08 and up ...                                                                                            Back to top
Now we have been asked to remodel the coach so as to
be able to use the interior and slide out unit more efficiently.

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#2    Slide Out Finished
Seals started with flat seal trim. top drip rail next.

Installing 1/8" aluminum panels on Cabin ...
note: Not 1/16" skins but 1/8" plate aluminum
held together with rivets and 900 psi Sika flex adhesive sealer

Large cabin 6'2" inside height standing 5" above the roofline
Cabin above roofline, need to build dog house 5-6" higher

Model standing in cabin is 6' tall

This cabin frame can be lifted by 2 men

The new, more squared roof line will be approximately where the top of stick is located.

Model is 6'
Inside Bus floor at lower opening

Inside cabin Frame on the concrete floor. Cabin ceiling is 2" above his head.
After ceiling plywood and upholstery he should clear by 1" or 1.5 "

Custom Slide Out #2                                                                                                       Back to top

Above is the beginning of our Super tall 6'1" Slide Out...                    
#2 for this company  

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Slide Out #1 bus finished.

Custom Slide Out #1                                                                                                             

The above images are from a commercial Film Production Coach used in the Movie industry.
The most current image will be at the top of this section ..

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Cutting the 600lb wall out ...Very heavy !

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More about our Slide out units

   See the new 5' extension

Our Unique Framing system
Does not touch the floor

Designed specifically for monocoque Bus chassis

We have been installing RV slide out units since the 1970's and one of the most design headaches we had were to make sure we installed enough engineering back into the floor area.
The wall was weakened when we cut the side opening and floor out for the arms.

However we noticed how a Porch  glider was moving and that inspired our designers and as they say the rest is history .

Works off the same theory as glider furniture,
but much heavier

Completed Frame system

Top and bottom Frame not shown ..

Left side Frame

Right side frame


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