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10/14/2011 01:13:19 PM

From Small Class "C" Slide out units to huge commercial units, we build them all,

Winter Sale...
$1,450. per linear Foot
For more information, Please Call 610-767-8000

10-8-09  Picked up by Customer


The upholstery continued and we worked on the locking trim installation.



More outside trim finished



Linoleum floor installed



Starting the upholstery


Foam padding on walls

Prepping for headliner


Wall Vinyl and  Headliner in process

Reopening floor access to water pump



More wiring on the slide out

Reinstalling existing seating and table


Images say 9-17 but the work was accomplished yesterday 9-16
Before upholstery installed, Note recess to support table. Also wiring in process with receptacles in both benches  


Note: Not samples as previously informed.....this is the Seating upholstery completed..
The back cushions had to be a certain size so as to be able to fit between the bottom cushions
when making a bed. Our dilemma was when making these cushions this size they do not fit up above the back of the booth . 

Below shows the back cushions sitting on top of the bottom cushions, leaning back a little.
But note how it goes up into the lower part of the  window. . We have to address what to do with the shadow box.
The bottom cushion can not fit tight in it's location or it would be too big and cannot move back so the table could set down in the
recess lip that holds it in place.

We can make a small 2"x2"x36" bolster in the same foam and fabric that would fit beneath the back cushion to hold it up ..
When making a bed these little bolsters could in fact be set aside or used as a small pillow.




Vinyl laid down

Table pedestal came in, not mounted yet
Note we moved the booths back as far we can.
I believe after the upholstery is finished it will look fine.


Sizing vinyl for installation

Old Booth system....a little tight for two people

Over head cabinetry from before ..

We now need to cut some of the seat bottom space out in order to make more leg room
Showing 16" from front of cushion to back of bench cushion.
We will need to reduce back cushion from 4" to 2 "

We need 24",.. but I'm afraid 22 1/2" is about all we can get ..

Sizing the new booth to fit into this area.
By building it into the back wall we can save a couple of inches.


Drawer will fit into end of the booth


Archival Images, Slide out #5643

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